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Timing Condom In Pakistan

The Timing Condom is designed for those seeking extended pleasure and performance. This innovative product ensures a satisfying experience for both partners, making intimate moments more memorable. With advanced technology, the Timing Condom helps you last longer, enhancing overall satisfaction.

Timing Condom price in pakistan

Key Ingredients of Timing Condom

Timing Condom utilizes premium materials to ensure safety and comfort. The primary ingredient is high-quality latex, providing durability and flexibility. Additionally, it contains a small amount of benzocaine, a mild anesthetic, to help delay climax. This unique blend guarantees a balance of pleasure and performance.

High-Quality Latex

Our latex is sourced from the finest suppliers, ensuring strength and reliability. It undergoes rigorous testing to meet international standards. This ensures you and your partner’s safety during use.


Benzocaine is a trusted ingredient in delaying climax. It’s used in small, safe amounts to help prolong your experience without compromising sensitivity. This ensures a pleasurable and extended intimate moment.

Benefits of Timing Condom

The Timing Condom offers numerous benefits that enhance your intimate experiences. These benefits cater to both partners, ensuring satisfaction and enjoyment.

Extended Pleasure

Timing Condom helps you last longer, providing extended pleasure for both you and your partner. This means more time to enjoy each other and create lasting memories.

Increased Confidence

Knowing you can perform longer boosts confidence. Timing Condom helps reduce anxiety related to performance, allowing you to focus on pleasure.

Enhanced Sensitivity

Despite its delay effect, Timing Condom ensures you still feel everything. The balance of benzocaine and latex maintains sensitivity, providing a pleasurable experience.

Easy to Use Timing Condom

Timing Condom is easy to use, making it convenient for anyone. Its design ensures a comfortable fit, adding to the overall enjoyment.

How to Use Timing Condom

Using Timing Condom is straightforward. Follow these steps to ensure the best experience and safety.

Step 1: Open Carefully

Gently open the condom package. Avoid using sharp objects or teeth to prevent tearing the condom.

Step 2: Check the Orientation

Ensure the condom is oriented correctly before putting it on. The roll should be on the outside.

Step 3: Pinch the Tip

Pinch the tip of the condom to remove air. This helps prevent breakage during use.

Step 4: Roll Down

Roll the condom down to the base of the penis. Ensure it fits snugly but comfortably.

Step 5: Enjoy Safely

Once the condom is in place, enjoy your intimate moment. Timing Condom ensures safety and pleasure throughout the experience.

Step 6: Dispose Properly

After use, carefully remove the condom. Tie a knot at the open end and dispose of it in a trash bin. Do not flush it down the toilet.

Why Choose Timing Condom?

Choosing Timing Condom means prioritizing both pleasure and safety. Its unique formulation and high-quality materials set it apart from standard condoms. Here are additional reasons why Timing Condom is the best choice:

Reliable Protection

Timing Condom offers reliable protection against sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and unwanted pregnancies. Its high-quality latex ensures a strong barrier, keeping you and your partner safe.

Discreet Packaging

Our packaging is discreet and convenient. This ensures your privacy and makes it easy to carry wherever you go.

Trusted by Professionals

Timing Condom is trusted by health professionals worldwide. Its effectiveness and safety have been validated through rigorous testing.

Affordable and Accessible

Despite its advanced features, Timing Condom is affordable. It’s accessible to everyone, ensuring that quality protection and enhanced pleasure don’t come at a high cost.


Timing Condom is your go-to solution for extended pleasure and performance. With its unique blend of high-quality latex and benzocaine, it offers both safety and prolonged enjoyment. Easy to use and trusted by professionals, Timing Condom enhances your intimate moments, providing reliability and satisfaction.

By choosing Timing Condom, you’re investing in both pleasure and peace of mind. Experience the difference today and make every moment count with Timing Condom.


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