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Product Form Snap-On Smile
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Snap-On Smile In Pakistan

Snap-On Smile may be a comfortable, removable device that involves no drilling, filing down of existing tooth structure, injections, cementation nor adhesives. Its patented design is flexible, incredibly strong, and functional.

The marginally flexible material (acetyl resin) utilized in the fabrication of Snap allows it to expand over the teeth and hug them tightly therefore the patient can eat and speak without the appliance coming loose or shifting.

Snap-On Smile

Your friends and family are going through your transformation.  You’ll be ready to eat and drink together with your Snap On Smile, and caring for it’s very easy. We’ll supply you with a cleaning solution during your final appointment. With proper care, your Snap On Smile can last from 3-5 years. If you’ve got any questions on Snap-On Smile or would really like to schedule a consultation please give our office a call. Remember, you’re only two short, painless visits far away from a gorgeous new smile.

Snap-On Smile Price in Pakistan

A snap may be a revolutionary appliance that permits people with crooked or missing teeth to enjoy a flawless smile. But away less permanent approach to dentistry. You can buy this just for PKR=4000

What is the warranty coverage?

Snap On Smile may be a custom-made appliance, therefore it’s not returnable for a refund at any time. It is often remade at no additional cost for up to 60 days from when the case is delivered to your delivery point.

Where am I able to get a snap-on smile from?

We can provide you with a top-quality Snap at your home address by TCS or Leopards.


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