Shape Up Slimming Oil In Pakistan

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  • Slimming & Firming
  • Includes Cocoa Butter
  • Fights Stubborn Fat
  • Reduces Cellulite
  • 100% Cold Pressed

Based on the goodness of herbal ingredients, shape up slimming oil has been specially formulated to reduce cellulite, firm skin and increase skin elasticity.

This oil makes your skin smoother, reduces flab and leaves it toned.


Shape up Slimming Oil in Pakistan | Shape up Slimming Oil Price in Pakistan

Shape up Weight Loss Slimming Oil  | Shape up Slimming Oil in  Productpk.Com

Product Description

Vlcc shape up slimming oil promises to bring your body in the desired form in no time. It reduces fat gradually and shapes up disproportionate parts of the body. Continuous use of this slimming oil for two weeks reduces extra fat and cellulite deposits in the body. It is made of natural ingredients, including wheat germ, geranium, sesame, sweet fennel, ajowa seed, rosemary, cyperus, pomegranate, and lemon peel. This slimming oil gives best results when you exercise after applying it. you can also use vlcc waist and tummy trim gel along with slimming oil for better results.

Get Slimmer The Natural Way

This natural slimming oil works to combat stubborn fats, which comes because of fatty food consumption, strain and loads of different motives related to our present day life-style. Bid adieu to fat and get less attackable pores and skin without a wrinkles. It also reduces flab and facilitates you get again in shape with out a whole lot attempt. Get toned up, look slimmer and regain self belief with this natural shaping solution.

VLCC Shape Up Slimming Oil, 200ml

Shape Up Slimming Oil has been specially formulated to reduce cellulite, firm skin and increase skin elasticity.

  • Helps to fight stubborn fat
  • Reduces flab and firms skin
  • Increase skin elasticity
  • Restores the body’s youthful look with visible results

How Shape It Helps in Slimming ?

Form it anti cellulite slimming oil for spot fats discount, made with global’s greatest ingredients which might be absolutely examined for high-quality results. It enables spoil down fat cells lying under your hips, thighs, buttocks, stomach. It also companies, smoothes, tones pores and skin with its powerful elements. This oil penetrates the pores and skin more successfully than cellulite cream and fights immoderate body fats which assist remove cellulite at each degree.

My Experience

Like every lady develops cellulite put up puberty i too did. sigh :/ can’t put on a bikini because of that. Sex, race, biotype, subcutaneous fats and several other elements contribute and affect the improvement of cellulite. Only guys with certain deficiencies develop cellulite deposits. It is a topographic pores and skin exchange and is clear whilst you increase dimples and nodules on the pelvic region, lower limbs and stomach.

The unique natural substance extracts used in the oil enhance blood movement, boom skin elasticity and help the muscle maintain the load of the fats tight. That is how the arrival of the cellulites reduces through the years. But, this doesn’t manifest in a single day. the result will now not be very convincing in case you hold to eat fatty ingredients or live a totally bad lifestyles.

How Long Does it Take to See Results

  • Visible results can be seen in 15 to 18 days of use if applied twice a day as instructed.


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