Philips Avent’s Double Electric Breast

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Philips Avent’s Double Electric Breast

Philips Avent’s Double Electric Breast is regularly quicker and greater powerful at eliminating breast milk than manual pumps. It specially designs for a bigger, rounder, tighter, and firmer breasts. It is a genuine pump with a hundred percent guarantee.  This pump is made by Japan’s scientists.


  • An advanced double-pump with a faster rate of pumping, which makes it ideal for moms who
  • pump several times during a day.
  • The pump is built-in to a carryall thus making it easy for a working mother to hold it around.
  • Two-stage pumping mechanism, one to stimulate the letdown of milk and therefore the other to
  • precise milk into the milk container.
  • Full control of the suction pressure using the rotary knob.
  • Runs on batteries or direct AC power.
  • Ships with a cooler bag with four bottles to store and carry the milk.

Electric Breast Pumps Usage

  1. Sanitize parts before first use: Most pump manufacturers recommend boiling the suction cup and bottle parts for about ten minutes before the primary use. Some manufacturers may provide a storage box for disinfection within the microwave. Check your pump’s user manual for the recommended disinfection guidelines.
  2. Clean and dry after every use: Rinse the parts of the pump that are available in contact with breast milk first with cold water. Soak them in warm soapy water for a couple of minutes, then use a dishwashing cloth/sponge to wash. Leave the parts for air drying. confirm the parts are entirely dry before next use. Manufacturers may recommend different cleaning methods so always refer to the user manual.
  3. Inspect regularly: Parts of the pumps are often subject to wear and tear. Inspect your pump periodically for any signs of injury. Suction cups, tubes, and valves are subjected to friction thanks to movement. These components should be checked more often.
  4. Single-user or multi-user: Some pumps are intended for one user only despite being hospital grade. Usage of single-user pumps by multiple users can void the warranty. Once you reach the top of your usage, then check if the pump is often passed on to somebody else. Multiple user pumps are often given away to a lover or loved one who is in need of an electrical breast pump.

About This Pump

Electric breast pumps provide a chance to balance breastfeeding with work. Working mothers can continue giving breast milk to their babies without compromising their careers. This product is genuine with a hundred percent guarantee.

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  1. Sulaman sha

    very nice and amazing product.

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