HGP Hair Growth Pro In Pakistan

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The Active Ingredients In HGP Work In Following Ways:

1. It forms a barrier between androgen receptors at the follicle and DHT without affecting the flow of nutrients.This prevents miniaturization of hair follicle and prolong the anagen or growth phase of hair.
2. It utilizes the apple polyphenols (procynidine B2, B3, and C1) to stimulate the stem cells in the follicle to
3. The active ingredients nourish the dermal papilla to provide essential nutrients to follicle for proper growth.
4. It cleans the scalp for fungal and other minor infections and cures dandruff.
5. It conditions the hair to give a shiny and smooth appearance.


HGP Hair Growth Pro Price In Pakistan Rs=3000

HGP Hair Growth Pro is a result of years of research, many tests, and continuous changes and modifications. The research started in early 2000 over the effects of Apple polyphenols, especially procyanidins B2, B3, and C1, on hair growth and the initial results showed that it is 200% better than commonly used drugs such as as as minoxidil! Procyanidins are proven to stimulate follicles for hair growth and restore follicle health and their effect on hair growth is simply amazing.

Further during the product development phase, a potent mechanism was devised to inhibit DHT, a hormone considered the main cause of baldness, coming in contact with the hair follicle by forming a barrier against DHT at the follicle receptor level. This is a much better way of promoting growth without side effects as it is not altering any gland to produce less DHT. Further, Grow Pro HGP is not an oil-based paste, so it does not cause blockage of sebaceous and sweat glands, which lead to infections on the scalp. At the same, time it moisturizes the scalp to keep a check on dandruff too.

How To Use HGP Hair Growth

Before going to sleep, take a generous quantity (8-10 gm) of Grow Pro HGP on fingertips and apply over scalp and hair roots gently to cover the entire scalp. Make sure not to massage vigorously, Grow Pro HGP is highly absorbable and does not require pressure massage to get to the roots and leave the paste over the scalp.

HGP Hair Growth in Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore

Healthful hair is not handiest because of a healthful follicle, but there are also a whole lot of other matters affecting the increase and fitness of hair. The reasons vary from stress ranges to hygiene and from vitamins to scalp situation. HGP, not the handiest protects and nourishes the follicle but also cleans and moisturizes the scalp to provide a basic impact.

To prevent hair loss and deal with early baldness, a two-pronged remedy strategy is needed. First, to guard your follicle against hormonal effects and make it stronger and 2d to deal with your scalp for dandruff and other infections, and HGP does it pretty efficaciously.

HGP Hair Growth Pro In Pakistan

placed on the gloves(in any other case, the nails can be dyed grey, despite the fact that that doesn’t have an effect on fitness make your hair wet with both your palm wipe off the water on the hair pour two thing bottles of “wash for black” by 1:1 onto your palm mix them gently(the amount is set twice that of a ordinary washing)
promptly put the shampoo on the hair and rub it till it reaches the bottom of the hairs, then rub the hair for 7-10 minutes so that the shampoo moistens the bottom of every hair wash the shampoo away.

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    nice product

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    Amazing Benefits.

  3. Dr Zohaib Malik

    This product benefits is superb.

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