Handy Massager In Islamabad

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Dolphin Body Massager

Features:       The unique combination of heat and percussion.
Adjustable:     Utilize chain wheel to a adjust the massage intensity.
Speed:           Adjustable speed, Ergonomic handle.
Handle:          Long handle with AC cord.
Code:             SH-0506 Handheld Percussion Massager.


Handy Massager Price In Pakistan Rs/-2000

A dolphin massager is a sleek vibrating massager in the shape of a dolphin. These massagers offer strong vibrations that penetrate deep into muscles to alleviate tension and pain. These massagers plug directly into the wall, which means there is no need to replace batteries, and it is always ready to use. Most dolphin massagers also feature speed controls, which allow the user to find a setting that works best for them. Many people like to adjust the speed depending on what muscle group they use the massager on. These massagers are ideal for use on the back, shoulders, neck, and legs. Learning how to use a dolphin massager in each of these areas is a great way for the user to ensure that they get the most out of their massager.


Handy Massager Price In Islamabad It has instant results to circulate the blood flow and helps to eliminate the pain caused by the stiff neck while sleeping. Dolphin Massager is not only useful for Body Massage, Fatigue relaxes the tensed muscles eliminating pain but also it tones the body to reduce body weight by burning the fats layers in your body.

Dolphin Body Massager in Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore

A few instances you want a mild massage, some instances you want a vigorous, robust rubdown. This hand held massager with distinct speeds, gentle heat, long handle will loosen up your sore muscle tissues and helps you to get returned on your lifestyles loosen up and release irritating muscle tissue with a calming warmness massage. The soft comfort grip, designed for additonal stability lets in you to rub down tough-to-reach muscle organizations. Feel emotionally launched. Why take ache drug treatments when you can mange your ache with this deep, stimulating foot massager. By way of getting rubdown enables the cells within the muscular tissues and pores and skin loosen up and extend , reduce the ache, boom oxygen stages to the cells, and gives excellent blood circulation. !.

Product Features:

  • The unique combination of heat and percussion.
  • Utilize chain wheel to a adjust the massage intensity.
  • Adjustable speed, ergonomic handle.
  • Long handle with ac cord.
  • Sh-0506 handheld percussion massager.

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Benefits & Effects:

  • An Original Extra Strong Effect
  • Strengthen Method
  • Reduce Over-Sensitivity
  • Extend Pleasure
  • Non-Poisonous & Colorless No Damage to The Skin

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