Breast Enhancement Pump


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Breast Enhancement Pump

Breast Enhancement Pump is designed to be one Breast Pump, the device is absolutely safe without any undesired effects. the product is specially designed for increasing breast size.  However, it is often used for the double pumps also by adding a further optional breast shield set.

We deliver pumps all over Pakistan(Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad, …….) with a hundred percent guarantee. We deliver products without delivery charges. Our products are 100% genuine. This is very useful for those girls that want bigger, tighter, and rounder.


  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • 30 mins auto power-off feature
  • Safe and hygienic backflow protector
  • Designed for a single breast pump
  • One Year manufacturer warranty
  • Scientifically calibrated Negative pressure

How to use?

  • Position both the domes of the assembled device over your boobs. Make sure the rims of the domes touch the skin so as to keep air-tight inside the domes.
  • Hold both and the domes on one hand and begin pumping the hand piston pump on the other hand. This process will apply suction inside domes and your boobs will expand.
  • You may apply any lubricant (coconut oil or similar oil) around your skin which touches the rim of domes, this will eliminate the friction of boobs with rims and will make the exercise easy.
  • You may decide your session into two parts. For example. if your session is for 30 minutes, then apply suction for the first 15 minutes and release pressure and wait for 2 mins and then apply suction for the next 15 minutes.


  1. Makes your boobs rounder and bigger
  2. Pulling on your boobs hurts
  3. Increases your boobs internally
  4. Shape up your boobs


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